Our Services

Shadow Light Productions, co-founded by Rachel Gauk and Doug Latimer, specializes in documentaries, commercial content, and educational videos.

Video Production

Expertise in documentaries, commercial, educational, and large-scale video projects.

Ebook Production

Illuminate your written content with our interactive eBook production service.

Post Production

Delivering broadcast standard finished videos to North American broadcasters.

Creative Services

Capturing stories effectively and creatively through research and collaboration.

Video Production

  • Fully developed downloadable or internet-based eLearning platforms: We have the expertise to create engaging and interactive eLearning/ eBook platforms, incorporating multimedia elements such as videos, graphics, and animations.
  • Training/Educational Videos: Our team produces instructional and educational videos that effectively communicate information, ensuring maximum engagement and knowledge retention.
  • Promotional/Marketing Videos: We excel in creating impactful promotional videos that highlight your brand, products, or services, capturing the attention of your target audience and driving results.
  • Historical Videos: Preserve and share the history of your organization or community through professionally crafted historical videos, combining archival footage, interviews, and storytelling techniques.

E-book Production

  • Engagement: Our interactive eBooks and promotional videos are designed to captivate your audience, keeping them invested in your content and message.
  • Accessibility: We ensure your eBook is accessible on all laptops and desktops, maximizing your reach and reader satisfaction.
  • Creativity: We infuse creativity into every project, ensuring your eBook and eLearning Platforms stands out and make a lasting impression.
  • Professionalism: Our experienced team delivers high-quality eBooks and videos with a professional touch, reflecting positively on your brand.
  • Expertise: With our specialized skills and knowledge in eBook production and video production, we offer tailor-made solutions for your unique needs.

Post Production

  • Video Editing & Mastering: Our skilled editors meticulously refine and enhance your raw footage, ensuring seamless transitions, proper pacing, and overall visual coherence.
  • Color Grading: We employ advanced color grading techniques to enhance the visual aesthetics of your videos, creating the desired mood, atmosphere, or brand identity.
  • Motion Graphics: Our team brings your videos to life with captivating motion graphics, adding visual elements such as animated text, logos, and visual effects that enhance the overall impact.
  • Basic Animation: We offer basic animation services to incorporate animated elements into your videos, further enhancing the storytelling and visual appeal.

Creative Services

  • Research & Concept Development: Our team conducts in-depth research and collaborates with you to develop compelling concepts that align with your objectives and target audience.
  • Scriptwriting: We craft engaging scripts that effectively convey your message, ensuring a coherent and persuasive narrative for your video content.
  • Storyboarding: Through detailed storyboarding, we visualize and plan the visual sequence of your video, ensuring a cohesive and effective storytelling structure.
  • Graphic Design: Our skilled graphic designers create visually stunning graphics and assets that elevate the quality and aesthetics of your videos, enhancing their overall impact.
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