Avalanche! The Guide’s Guide to Safer Travel in the Mountains

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The Guide’s Guide to Safer Travel in the Mountains


Many “eBooks” currently released, copy the identical text of a paper book, but in digital format, with a smattering of still images. By contrast, this new interactive eBook boasts 221 pages of text, 150+ minutes of video, over 100 colour images, animations, exercises and expert interviews, allowing users to delve into this complex content in depth. In creating a unique and useful tool with rich and diverse content in a single comprehensive interactive eBook, this resource encompasses the AST 1 and AST 2 curriculum and much more. Avalanche! The Guide’s Guide, was produced by Doug Latimer (Shadow Light Productions Ltd), an accredited ski guide, avalanche forecaster and lead winter guide for the Alpine Club of Canada. Doug has been guiding and teaching avalanche safety for over twenty years.

The new eBook is compatible with laptop and desktop computers. This book can be purchased, either for online download or a USB data stick that can be shipped. We welcome your feedback and recommendations on the content of this eBook.

Watch this video to learn how to load the eBbook onto your computer and view the extensive interactive features available.

The Guide’s Guide to Safer Travel in the Mountains


This eBook is compatible with all desktop and laptop computers.
  • 221 pages
  • 100+ colour images and diagrams
  • 80 videos (150+ minutes)

This is the first fully interactive eBook produced for avalanche safety. The content is based on current best practices in the avalanche industry, and applies to recreational mountain travellers. The book is designed to cover all the major skills needed to support safer decisions in avalanche terrain.